A Green Way
to Travel

From the moment we buy a ticket online to our plane journey home, we leave behind a carbon footprint that spells trouble for the environment.

One way is to buy
carbon credits

Each carbon credit represents one ton of CO₂ emissions that have been offset or avoided. 

Buying carbon credits is an effective, environmentally friendly way to help the planet without giving up the things you love, like traveling.


A simple way to buy
carbon credits is to support
Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International has been helping offset carbon footprints from travel for over 15 years. It supports forestry, energy, and other green projects that reduce the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere and cut down on new emissions.

You can find more information about Sustainable Travel projects here.

By supporting Sustainable Travel International with your cashback, you're making a difference. Protecting the environment is in your hands!

Sustainable Travel

How it works

You set off on vacation. You end up with a certain amount of CO₂ emissions that represent your carbon footprint.

We'll double your contribution
to the environment

Send any amount from your cashback, and we'll match
your contribution. We're partners, like Batman and Robin or Thelma
and Louise (just with a happy ending).

tons CO₂
We’ll double
the amount

Get away the green way with WayAway Plus

By supporting Sustainable Travel International with your WayAway Plus cashback, you not only help save forest ecosystems, which absorb an enormous amount of CO₂, but also contribute to maintaining biodiversity and helping local communities develop. Every time you send some money, you'll get an email confirming that you've offset your carbon footprint.


What is a carbon credit?

A carbon credit represents one ton of CO₂ emissions that have been offset or avoided.

How can I calculate my carbon footprint?

To calculate your carbon footprint from air travel, use the Sustainable Travel International calculator or the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) calculator. You can calculate your overall carbon footprint using the UN calculator.

Where is the forest that is offsetting my carbon footprint?

At the moment, we buy carbon credits from the Envira Amazonia Project, a certified project of Sustainable Travel International. This project is protecting over 500,000 acres (200,000 hectares) of tropical rainforest near Feijó in the state of Acre, Brazil. As well as absorbing harmful emissions and combating climate change, the project contributes to conserving the habitats of many endemic species of birds and disappearing types of trees.

If the trees have already been planted what will my money be spent on?

In exchange for money from your cashback, the owners of land in the Amazon forgo planned deforestation activities. Your contribution also funds sustainable-agriculture education in the area, other community projects, and the planting of new trees.

How can I be sure the carbon credits I buy won't be resold to someone else?

Sustainable Travel International has made a formal commitment not to allow the resale of credits that have been purchased for offsetting carbon footprints. You can find detailed information about the green projects supported by Sustainable Travel International, as well as their goals and quality standards, here.